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aolThe company America Online (AOL) offers multiple services such as Email, web search, news, and internet connectivity. They started connecting their proprietary email services to the internet in 1993. It rapidly gained popularity as many users started using their email service. By October 1997, AOL Mail became the world’s largest service provider of Email facility, having 9 million subscribers all over the world that were utilizing the service of AOL email. The company was rapidly expanding. Net Mail; was launched by AOL in 1997 which is a web-based version of its e-mail service. Initially AOL worked only on Internet Explorer, however after facing much criticism, a Java based version was launched to match compatibility with Netscape navigator web browser. This service was later names as AOL Mail on the internet in 1999.

The article will guide you for standard AOL email settings and other AOL webmail help. We have highlighted common problems that users face regarding AOL email and have provided detailed articles with steps to follow as solution for various issues such as  creating an AOL account, AOL mail settings, AOL server settings, how to change AOL password, forgot AOL password, AOL IMAP settings and more.

AOL also launched its service for pagers In January 2001 through which users could receive an email. The service was also compatible for text based digital cellphones. In 2004, it tested a new free webmail service publicly, without the users having the need to subscribe to it. This step was taken to compete better against other email services provider like MSN Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. They launched the service in 2005 names as AIM Mail which had 2 GB mail storage and robustly integrated with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). It was based on tech from Mail Blocks that was acquired by AOL. The company made an advancement by providing its services free of cost for broadband users in 2006.

In 2012, there were 24 million AOL Mail users. By 2021, the number of paid users dropped to just 1.5 million. In 2017, Verizon email service had tie up with AOL and Yahoo to let its users continue their email services through their service. Verizon acquired AOL in 2015 and announced its discontinuation of in-house email services and gave their customers to migrate to AOL or Yahoo to continue using their email services.

How to create AOL email account? >> creating an AOL account

Anybody can create an AOL email account from the official website of AOL. AOL signup has never been so easy. The users can enjoy multiple AOL benefits other than just mail by create AOL mail account. Is AOL free? Yes! Absolutely free. This section shall guide you to create AOL email account in an easy to understand and in step by step manner.

  1. Open the web browser and then type in search bar and press the ”’Enter’ button
  2. Click the’ Login/’Join’ option button at the upper right of the screen. Click ‘Create an ‘account’ to create AOL account
  3. Type your details as prompt. Enter your ‘First” name’, ‘Last ‘name’, and type your Email that you would like to keep. Similarly, enter ”’Password’ that you would like to set
  4. Enter your phone number. Make sure it is valid otherwise an error message will be displayed. Then click on ‘Yes, send me a ‘code’.
  5. Now Enter code that you must have received on your phone number, then click on ”Verify’
  6. Click on ”Done’. Your AOL email account shall be created and ready to use

How to Recover password AOL >> AOL forgot password

change aol password‘How can I recover my AOL account?” If you have an AOL email account and somehow lost access to it because you forgot AOL password and not able to login to AOL account, it may be problematic. You may have important and professional emails which may be crucial for your study, work or business. AOL reset password has never been as easy as described in the following steps to fix your AOL problems related to AOL account recovery.

The steps to recover your AOL email account are as follows.

  1. Open any web browser. On the bar search bar, type and hit ”Enter’
  2. Click on ‘Login/’Join’ option at the top right corner of the webpage
  3. Enter your AOL email address, username or mobile number registered with your AOL email account and hit ”Enter’. Click on ‘I forgot my ‘password’ if you forgot AOL email password and continue to want to reset it
  4. Choose your reset option to receive a code
  5. Enter the code in the option provided that you would receive and click on the ”’Verify’ option. Click on ‘Create a new ‘password’ to proceed to reset your AOL email password if you really want to AOL change password if your old AOL password not working
  6. Enter the verification code that you would receive and click the ”’Verify’ option
  7. You should now login your AOL mail account using the new password that have you just set. Your AOL email password reset will be done

How to change AOL email password >> Reset AOL password

‘How to change AOL password on iPhone?” You can change your AOL password in Android also by following the steps below. The steps for reset AOL password on iPhone using a browser from AOL email setting are as follows:

  1. Open your web browser. Go to homepage
  2. Click on ‘Login/’Join’ on the right corner
  3. Enter your email address and password for signing in to AOL.
  4. Click on your name. Click on ‘Account ‘Security’ and then click ‘Change Password’
  5. Type in a new password and click ”Confirm’. You AOL mail reset password will be complete.

How to Login to AOL Email account >> AOL login help

Follow this section for AOL login problems. Login to your AOL email account through the steps given:

  1. Open the browser on your device and enter in the URL and hit ”’Enter’ to proceed to AOL login help
  2. Click on ‘Login/’Join’ option at top right corner of the page
  3. Enter you Username, AOL email address/mobile number and click on ”’Next’ for AOL login sign in
  4. Enter the Password and hit ”Enter’
  5. You will be logged in to you AOL account and routed their homepage. Click on the email symbol at top right corner of the page and select ”Inbox’
  6. You AOL Email Inbox page will appear. You will be successfully logged in to your AOL Email account and you can now utilize AOL services

Official AOL Email support

In this article, we have discussed several issues related to AOL email that users may want to know. We have provided solutions to multiple AOL email issues that people may face in a step by step manner elaborated in easy to understand and implement manner. If you still face any issue and want to connect to official AOL mail help then you can contact the numbers provided in this section. We have provided the numbers obtained from official sources online and they are correct as per our kind knowledge, when the article is being published. The official website may update, change, remove or add numbers from their official support line from time to time and if such an event takes place, then we shall not be responsible. Kindly check the number from the official website before customer service

AOL numbers
AOL number 1-800-827-6364
AOL support Spanish 1-866-885-5117
For deaf users 1-800-759-3323
AOL live support number 1-866-265-8990
AOL email support
AOL live support
AOL live chat support

How to setup AOL Email SMTP >> AOL Email SMTP using iPhone

You can do server settings on your device to directly receive AOL mails without being connected to a browser or app. You can do so by activating AOL SMTP settings on your device. AOL supports STMP server settings to send emails without having you to use the webmail interface! AOL email settings for iPhone are mentioned in this section, which allow your emails to be downloaded, that is, you can access your emails even after the internet connection has ceased to be on your device.

You can easily do AOL SMTP setting on your iPhone through the steps given.

  1. Open ”’Settings’ on your iPhone or other iOS device
  1. Scroll down to tap on ‘Passwords & ‘Accounts’ or ”’Mail’ as in older versions of iOS device
  2. Under the Accounts section, tap on ‘Add ‘Account’ to proceed with AOL SMTP settings
  1. Tap on ”’AOL’ as the account type. You can also tap on ”’Others’ for manual AOL SMTP setting

(In case you are using Manual AOL Email Configuration Server Settings, you have to enter the credential as- Outgoing mail server (SMTP) Host name:, and port 465, encryption- SSL)

  1. Now you have to enter your AOL email and AOL password to Login and do the authentication for SMTP AOL server
  1. Choose if you would like to sync any other service and tap on ”’Save’ to add the email account on your device

You SMTP server setting for iPhone will be done.

IMAP setting for AOL >> AOL IMAP settings iPhone

The iPhones have the option to receive mails from a third-party email app service provider to download copies of your AOL email or to receive emails. You have two options of different Protocol to receive mail- POP and IMAP.

Have IMAP Seton your iPhone by following the steps below. Also follow for AOL IMAP not working. The steps are same for setting up IMAP on an iPad also.

  1. Open ”’Settings’ in your iPhone device and tap ”Mail’
  2. Under ”Accounts’, tap on ”’Other’ and then on ‘Add Mail ‘Account’
  3. You will be prompt to enter your Name, Email, Password and Description for your account. Enter the required credentials as required and tap ”Next’
  4. Choose ”’IMAP’
  5. Enter the information for IMAP and the outgoing Mail Server as follows.

(IMAP): and in port settings IMAP port 993 and security SSL. Enter for outgoing mail server as (SMTP): and for port settings SMTP 465 and security SSL

How to do POP settings for AOL email in iPhone?

The steps for POP Settings for iPhone are as follows:aol email settings

  1. Open the ”’Settings’ in your iPhone and tap on ”’Accounts’ to proceed with POP3 AOL settings
  2. Select ‘Add ‘account’ and choose ”’Other’ at the bottom
  3. Tap on ‘Add Mail ‘Account’. Select ”’POP’ on the top right
  4. Enter your Name , AOL email address, password and Description for your account as required
  5. , under ‘Incoming Mail ‘Server’, Enter host name- and your AOL email in Username and your AOL email password in the Password section
  6. Similarly under ‘Outgoing Mail ‘Server’ enter host name as and your AOL email in the Username and AOL Password and then tap on ‘Save ‘Settings’. The server may take a few seconds to verify

After Verification is done, you will have successfully set POP settings for AOL mail on your iPhone and you can receive your AOL mails directly to your mail client by simply opening it and derive AOL services

How to fix AOL Issues? >> AOL Tech Support

The customers may face AOL email issues and trouble accessing it. Here are highlighted the common issues that you can employ to fix your problem. You can check out the sections below to fix the problems of your own and continue browsing your AOL mails. Some common issue with AOL mail are listed below

  1. Corrupt AOL application/update required
  2. Outdated browser
  3. Internet Connection
  4. Issues related to AOL server

1. Corrupt AOL application/AOL update required

An updated or corrupt application can hinder your browsing experience and cause trouble accessing your AOL mail app. You can try to update your AOL app to the newest version or try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling to fix the issue for AOL Android app as well as AOL iPhone app. You can try this option when you feel your AOL mail not working on iPad today. You can employ the steps below for AOL app not working.

  • Update AOL app: Update AOL mail app from Play Store/App Store for Android and iPhone respectively if you have problems with AOL mail consistently. ‘Search’ ‘AOL’ in the Play Store/App Store of your device & tap ”’Enter’ option. Select the AOL app from the search list that opens. Tap on ”Update’. Once the App finishes update, tap on the ”’Open’ option. The AOL app will be update to the most recent version available including AOL app for iPhone. This may help in fixing problem when AOL mail on iPhone not working.
  • Uninstall and reinstall AOL app: If the above steps do not fix your problem, go to the Play Store/App Store. Then search ”AOL’. Next you have to tap the ‘Uninstall’ option. Once uninstall finish, tap the ‘Install’ option and then ‘Open’. The app will be reinstalled again and you can login AOL account and access your AOL mails back.

The steps provided may help you resolve your issues of AOL mail app or AOL app. The steps may be identical for AOL app for Android and iPhone.

2. Outdated browser

There may be times when you might be facing problem accessing your AOL emails using a web browser, it could be because your browser may be outdated or needs update, or when your device may not be supporting the latest version of that web browser. Hence, you might not be able to open your AOL emails and need new AOL app for Android browser or just upgrade your browser to newer version to help fix your AOL mail issues.

You have the option to update your browser to the recent available version of the app from Play Store if you’re using an Android device/App Store for Apple devices respectively to fix your non supportive browser issue to view AOL mails. AOL Netscape mail may be accessed once your browser is update to support the issues

3. Internet Connection

There could be times when you may unable to gain access your AOL email account login because of poor or obstructed internet connection and there may be some problem with your internet connectivity. You should follow the steps below until your problem resolves. Check if your internet connection is ‘On’ on your device and connectivity is enabled.

  1. Make sure that all the cables are firmly connected and the lights are ‘ON’ indicating the connection is there
  2. Check if your WiFi is ‘On’ and if you’re using a mobile, then your Data pack should be recharged and turned ‘On’ to connect to the internet
  3. Power off your device and restart it. Power off and restart your Wi-Fi/internet as well
  4. Reset your router and/or Wi-Fi___33 to troubleshoot any errors related to them.

The steps may help troubleshoot your problem if related to Internet connectivity. If your problem persists, you can proceed to the following section to continue trying.

4. Issues related to AOL server or AOL server down

Users may sometimes face problems connecting to their AOL accounts to view, send or receive emails and wonder if ‘AOL down?’ when they see AOL email is not working on their device. It could be possibility that issue may not be related to connectivity, outdated browser or an application needing an update. It may be because of the server that may be down for some technical or non-technical reason. To find out whether you are facing AOL email accessibility problem because of the company server problem, you can employ the steps given.

Open social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and open the AOL Mail page. Check any latest post by the company regarding server problem or other technical upgrade going on addressing AOL mail problems

  1. Check comments of people on social media websites on the official pages on AOL Mail posting and mentioning about unable to login, view or send their emails
  1. Browser for authentic news website if there is some news regarding the company servers being down or AOL mail outage

These steps may give the user a hint whether the servers are down and if so, they might be able to know how long after they can regain access to their AOL email account.

AOL Email Support by Usaol mail support

You are read the detailed articles above describing various common issues related to AOL emails. We have provided very easy and concise steps to troubleshoot all your AOL email problems. If you want to learn more or facing any problem at any point, you can also contact service providers from a third party, in case you want to extend your support to get quality service for all your AOL issues. You may contact the support number provided at top of this article to reach out for technical assistance related to AOL email service by independent third party service provider. The executives will pick up your call in order to fix the issues.