McAfee Antivirus has derived its name from the founder John McAfee. The establishment year of McAfee antivirus is 1987. It was the only firm that had developed computer protection programs and software. It has rapidly snatched the praise and focus of customers looking for an antivirus for their PC and other devices. McAfee has a USP of signature-based identification technique. By 1990, McAfee had become a highly imperative and credible brand in the antivirus segment globally.

mcafee supportConsequently, US-based technology Leader Company Intel purchased McAfee for nearly $8 billion in 2011. However, by 2017, Intel was involved in a tactical business partnership with TPG capital and transformed Intel security into a collaborative venture between both organizations, and the new name was McAfee. McAfee is a well-regarded international PC protection and antivirus programming provider. It presents a comprehensive collection of components comprises of security solutions, firewall safeguarding, and antivirus application for business consumers.

This article presents details about McAfee total protection download, McAfee total protection installation, McAfee antivirus renewal steps, and official McAfee customer care numbers. Additionally, we have described the causes and solutions of McAfee errors, including “how to stop McAfee pop-ups,” “McAfee sign in errors”, and “McAfee WebAdvisor is not working.” Our informative write-up will help McAfee antivirus users to tackle different download and installation setups easily. Moreover, users can solve various McAfee errors with the help of our guided information. You can contact a third-party antivirus support number if they need further support. By contacting the number provided on the screen you will be directed to Independent third-party support, where executives will listen to your issue & guide you with troubleshooting steps.

McAfee Total Protection Download & Installation:

McAfee Total Protection tool is a revolutionary antivirus application developed to manage the protection of up to 5 systems or equipment with a single subscription. The software can create a protection fence against ransomware, malware, and infected files. Moreover, it consistently detects the possibility of data theft activities and eliminates them.mcafee total protection download

After purchasing a McAfee antivirus download subscription, you must navigate to the McAfee download web page. Users may get an email with a fast McAfee total protection download link in the message, making it simpler to download McAfee antivirus at any time.

The McAfee download software will provide you with instructed practices for installation. However, we have explained these installation practices to users. Go through the underneath portion to understand deeply:

Login to your email address that you have registered during the McAfee download process

  • Now find out the email sent by McAfee in your inbox
  • Search for the download option for Windows 10, Mac, or any other operating system you have
  • Press to begin the download McAfee antivirus procedure
  • Now find the Exe file, which is visible at the bottom of the screen taskbar. When the download McAfee antivirus process finishes, press the file to begin the McAfee installation procedure

McAfee installation Process:

  • Your PC window will showcase a popup notification and ask for McAfee antivirus installation’ on your PC.
  • Please hit on the ‘Yes’ option to begin the installation procedure of the McAfee program
  • After it starts, McAfee will instantly perform the ‘install McAfee’ program. It happens when you hit on the ‘install’ button
  • The installation process of McAfee may take 2 to 5 minutes maximum, not more than that. Post installation of McAfee software completes, users will receive a ‘McAfee antivirus installation’ complete notification. Press it and shut down the installation page, and set the McAfee icon on the desktop or anywhere on the PC you wish.
  • Now, you can use McAfee software by pressing the icon on your PC. It will allow you to navigate the software’s dashboard. McAfee organically inspect and scans PC for any virus, malicious files, or illegal data theft throughout the scanning procedure
  • Users can set episodic McAfee scanning as per their aspirations and enable software to perform its task efficiently
  • After conducting the process similarly as we have explained in the whole section will allow you to run McAfee total protection software

McAfee Renewal: Steps to Renew McAfee Antivirus

Suppose you have been using the McAfee antivirus, and now its expiry is close to the ending date; what will you do? Forget all other things and perform the McAfee renewal process as per explained practices at the bottom section:

  • Tap on the McAfee software Icon on your PC
  • Now open the software for McAfee renewal
  • Tap on the “Settings” or “Help” option according to the McAfee version installed on your device
  • Now choose “Account Information” or ‘Subscription.’
  • Hit on the ‘”Renew” or “Subscribe” option
  • Act similarly to the guidelines in your device to finish the McAfee renewal procedure.
  • Now submit payment details and make payment to complete the transaction

Verify that your McAfee renewal subscription is active and that you can use your software again without any obstruction.mcafee phone number

McAfee Support Number: Official Numbers

This segment is devoted to information about the official McAfee support numbers. Customers can reach live representatives through these authorized McAfee phone numbers. We are confident that consumers will receive proper solutions for their queries and issues they are experiencing. These contact details have come after rigorous research on the internet.

We recommend that every user verify these McAfee customer support numbers with the official website before using them. The Official McAfee website can change these numbers at any time without giving any advance notice to the users. So we recommend checking the authentic website and dialing only when you are sure that the information provided below is the same as the website.

McAfee Number
McAfee Customer Service number 1-888-847-8766
McAfee Phone Number For Home And Office 1-866-622-3911
McAfee Support Number 1-800-937-2237
McAfee Support Email [email protected]
McAfee support phone number 1-866-212-5589


McAfee  Customer Service Number UK 00800 12255624
McAfee Antivirus Phone Number UK 0800 028 7581 or +44 (0)207 949-0107
McAfee Customer Service Number Australia 61-3-8699-9200


McAfee  Customer Support Chat Chat Support

McAfee Antivirus Errors: Troubleshooting Guide

stop mcafee popupsWithout dispute, McAfee is a superb and effective Antivirus program. More than 12 million people in the globe are using McAfee antivirus software, which shows how popular and demanding it is. However, we can agree that as a technology tool and software, it may have some errors and issues while running on the computer, laptop, or other devices. In the below segment, we will explain a few generic errors and problems that usually appear during the McAfee software scanning. Allow us to describe these errors and their sure-shot solutions practices.

How To Stop McAfee Popups: Get Sure Solutions

McAfee also showcases multiple pop-ups while securing the system from malicious documents, malware, and other viruses like other antivirus available in the industry. When the antivirus identifies any hazardous situation, it warns users via pop-up messages. Notifications arrive on the right side of the below taskbar of the PC. It will allow you to get alerts and details regarding practices, instructions, and approaches to solving security problems and threats. However, when you repeatedly get such messages, you may want to stop McAfee pop-ups. Don’t stress about ‘how to remove McAfee pop-ups’ as we have solutions for every malfunction. Here are the remedies for “how to get rid of McAfee pop-ups” please scroll down underneath to understand more: –

Users can Act similarly to the subsequent process to stop McAfee popups.

  • Uninstall the McAfee toolbar: Users can uninstall the McAfee toolbar if it has been installed in the browser. Guidelines for uninstalling the McAfee toolbar are available online.
  • Try Resetting Browser Settings: users aiming to stop McAfee pop-ups should also attempt resetting browser settings to the default version.
  • Deactivate pop-up messages: Navigate to the McAfee settings and shut off pop-up alerts or updates and events.
  • Deactivate McAfee Adverting: Redirect to the McAfee settings and disable the choice to ‘show advertise to stop McAfee pop-ups.
  • Deactivate or uninstall the McAfee WebAdvisor extension: Uninstall or deactivate the McAfee extension by conducting practices given in the software.

Points to remember: The particular practices to uninstall and deactivate pop-ups can differ because of the different devices and setups you have. The above information is only a general guideline.

McAfee Account Login Error:

Users may experience methodological malfunctions while login in to their McAfee software account. Many users complain that they can’t login to McAfee. Hence we have gathered detailed solutions for the failed McAfee antivirus login underneath the segment:-

  • The Old Software Version: Please authenticate that you have updated an advanced version of the McAfee antivirus program. Often, old software versions can cause a ‘McAfee login’ error.
  • Suspension of McAfee Account: When your McAfee program account suspension takes place for any cause, you can’t login to your account. Contact the concerned department to know more about McAfee login account reactivation.
  • Wrong Login Password And Credentials: it is essential to submit a valid Email ID and credentials to login into your McAfee account. Suppose you use the wrong email and password; then you can’t login to your McAfee account.
  • Browser Problem: kindly clear your browser cookies and caches to make it fresh. A browser with so many cookies and caches can obstruct McAfee antivirus login. After you have cleaned the cache and cookies, you should attempt login into your McAfee antivirus account.
  • Internet Connection: Check if the PC has appropriately linked to the internet connection because sometimes, without high-speed internet, you can create an obstacle in McAfee antivirus login.
  • McAfee account activation: McAfee accounts you have just created might not be fully active. So wait for the activation mail from the McAfee team, and once you receive it, you can activate it at any time.

Besides attempting all the above actions, if you cannot log in to your McAfee, you must consider taking the help of an independent antivirus support team.mcafee webadvisor

McAfee WebAdvisor Is Not Working:

McAfee WebAdvisor is among the highly reliable and effective antivirus programs that have roots in the USA. Undeniably it has become a frontrunner in cybersecurity and protection software for PC. It facilitates security against viruses, malware, Trojans, malicious documents, and other suspicious events trying to enter your PC or other devices. Moreover, while functioning its job, it will not disturb the routine work of your PC. Another main benefit of installing McAfee into your system is that it will not obstruct the speed and operation of your device.

There is a time when the McAfee WebAdvisor needs to be fixed, and it might create a problem for you in the long haul if you don’t solve it instantly. There may be numerous reasons of your McAfee is not working. Let’s comprehend the causes and their sure-shot solutions:-

  • Deactivate incompatible security software: ensure you don’t have competitor antivirus software in your system. If it is present, you must deactivate or uninstall such incompatible security software. Different antivirus programs can wrangle with McAfee antivirus.
  • Inspect that the web browser is the latest and updated: Always ensure that your web browser is updated with the newest version. Additionally, it must support the McAfee antivirus program.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the McAfee software: if the problem remains similar, you must uninstall the program and, after that, reinstall the McAfee

Important Note: All these actions can differ with your PC model and setup configuration.

McAfee Antivirus Support by Us:

mcafee support numberThe above article has delivered information on McAfee total protection download process, McAfee total protection installation process, McAfee antivirus renewal steps, and official McAfee contact numbers. Additionally, readers can understand reasons and solutions for McAfee errors, including “how to stop McAfee popups,” “McAfee sign in” errors, and “McAfee WebAdvisor is not working.” Our instructive article will benefit McAfee antivirus users to tackle different download and installation setups effortlessly. Moreover, users can crack several McAfee errors with the support of our conducted material. You can contact a third-party antivirus support number if you need further support. By contacting the number provided on the screen, you will be directed to Independent third-party support, where executives will listen to your issue & guide you with troubleshooting steps.