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canon support printersCanon Inc. is a Japanese multinational company founded in 1933 by Takeshi Mitarai, Saburo Uchida, Goro Yoshida, and Takeo Maeda as the precision optical company Co. Ltd. It is headquartered in Ota, Tokyo, Japan. It manufactures and sells optical and imaging products such as Photocopiers, Camcorders, Medical equipment, steppers, Cameras, and computer printer.

Among several canon products, Canon printers are the most famous products used by users worldwide. Canon Printers have bought a sensational change in the world of printing, and these printers are in high demand because of their high quality, low-cost print with reliable services. The technology within canon printers is very high-tech & advanced. The reliability of canon printers is very high, as these have been tested for outstanding performance and quality. Canon printers offer several benefits like printing, faxing, and other functions.

In this article, we have shared information about canon printer setup and some common canon printer problems, such as; “How to setup canon printer,” “Setup canon printer to wifi & Router,” “Canon printer driver download,” “Canon Printer Customer Support,” You can read the article for canon printer problems & If your face further issues then you can also call the number on this website. You will be connected to an independent third-party service provider; Executives will listen to you and & help with your Canon printer problems troubleshooting.

How to download and install Canon Printer Drivers? >> Canon Printer Driver Download Support

canon printer driver downloadIf you have tried and have been unable to get canon printer driver download. Follow the points listed below for the canon printer driver download procedure.

  • Write down your printer’s model number, Computer Operating System, and version
  • Access the service support website for canon printer driver free download
  • Select the driver setup as per your computer configurations
  • Press the download button on the driver setup file.

Once the driver is downloaded, now proceed with the installation of canon printer driver

  • Double-press on the downloaded installation file
  • Press “Run file ” to access the driver installer
  • After doing so, you will see an installation wizard on the screen
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to go over this Canon printer driver installation process
  • Press the “Finish” button to exit the installation wizard. Finally, your device drivers have been installed successfully

Finally, the installation process of canon printer drivers is completed now.

How to Setup Canon Printer wirelessly? >> Canon Printer Setup Guide

The set up process of the printer to the wireless network is the most suitable mode of connectivity. Canon printer is easy to operational within wifi range with high precision accuracy. Make sure that you connect the printer properly.

These are some steps for canon Pixma mg2520 printer setup. Follow the steps below to configure the printer via Ethernet cable.

  • Connect your printer to router with an Ethernet cable
  • Enable the wired LAN connection on the printer
  • Make sure that your printer is connected to the internet properly
  • Verify that the printer includes installation software if you have a compact Disc with your printer. Use CD to install the app for running the previous configuration of the canon printer
  • In case of Mac system you will need an external card reader
  • If you don’t have CD to install the setup canon printer, then access the setup page and download the setup file for your printer.
  • After the file has been downloaded, click on the run setup file
  • Hold the wireless (wifi) button that displays on the upper side of the printer until there is a flash from the alarm
  • Ensure that the led flashes blue; move to the beginning point and click the WPS button in a few minutes
  • Perform the user manual for fetching the appropriate information on accessing the WPs on your primary step
  • The wireless led and Power led will flash during connecting to the access
  • When the connection is made to the canon printer via wifi network, the wifi led, and Power led will stop blinking and continue to still instead

The process for setup canon printer to wifi is completedcanon printer setup

How to Setup Canon printer to phone? >> Canon Printer Support

To set up canon printer on your mobile phone, you should carefully go through this section.

  1. Connect your phone to the internet (or activate your phone’s mobile data)
  2. Download & Install Canon application from Google Play store
  3. Now Connect your printer to the app by confirming the model details of the printer
  4. Select the image or document you want to send to the printer and choose the print option
  5. Go to the print preview section of the canon mobile printing, and choose the “printer” option
  6. Finally, click the “Print” option & canon printer setup is done for a phone

Hence the process to setup canon printer for the mobile phone is completed.

How to Setup Canon Printer to iPhone? >> Canon Printer Support

Connecting your iPhone to canon printer is an easy task. If you follow the below process carefully

  1. First, download & install the canon printer application from Apple store
  2. Launch the application and connect the printer to the app by confirming printer details
  3. Now select the document you want to print
  4. Click the “Print” button at the top right side of the screen
  5. Select the number of copies & Click the print. By doing so, you can easily take a printout

The process to setup canon printer for the iPhone is ended now. Go through this section thoroughly, so you don’t stick anywhere while using these points.

Official Canon Printer Support

support for canon printerWe have briefly mentioned some reliable and official Canon printer helpline number that we have found as per the resources present on the internet. These Canon printer customer care number are the best and always active. You can use them anytime to connect with Canon printer support. You might find some changes in these numbers due to modifications performed by its manufacturer. So, you should verify these Canon printer customer care number before using them.

Canon Printer Customer Service Number 1-844-462-9439
Canon Printer Customer Service Number UK +44 (0)207 660 0186
Canon Customer Product Support Number UK 0207 6600186
Canon Printer helpline Support 1-800-OKCANON
Canon Printer Support Number 1-800-828-4040
Canon Printer Customer Service Number +1 800-652-2666

How to Fix Canon Printer Problems? >> Canon Printer Problems Troubleshooting

After you have successfully setup your Canon Printer and started working with it, but in a mean, while you are facing some common issues, such as Canon Printer is not responding or the Canon printer is not printing. We have made a troubleshooting guide for some of these types of problems down below.

There may be several reasons the Canon printer is not responding; the reasons can vary from something as simple as a loose connection printer not connected to the internet or canon printer head issue. In most cases, wireless printer connection is the main issue.

Here are the canon printer problems troubleshooting methods to follow:

  • Use the print troubleshooter by going into the control panel and clicking the printer in the hardware and sound section
  • Click next on the canon printer from the list for canon printer problems troubleshooting
  • Check the print spooler services by typing services in the search box
  • In the services window, look for print spooler services and select the properties of it
  • In the general tab, under the startup type, ensure automatic is selected; under the services, click start and ok.

Network Discovery is also an important setting that majorly comes in canon printer errors. By default, windows firewall blocks network discovery, but you can enable it by the following steps.

  • Open Network and internet settings in the control panel
  • After that, open Network and sharing center and click Advanced settings
  • Check if the Network discovery is Off; click the radio button Turn on Network Discovery

How to fix Canon Printer Error >> Support for Canon Printer

canon printer troubleshooting

If you are facing canon printer errors, this section will help you resolve your issues. Here are some canon printer error codes list that will help find an appropriate solution.

Canon printer error code 5100

Canon printer error 5100 is known for cartridge error. Whenever the 5100 error occurs, there is something wrong with the printer’s cartridge. Here are some steps you should take to resolve this issue.

  • The ink cartridge is an essential part of the printer. Even a simple fault with it can cause the whole printer to disarray. Check whether the ink cartridge is sitting correctly or not.
  • Make sure the ink cartridge is seated properly, and try to reset it.
  • In order to reset it, unplug the power adapter and all the USB cable.
  • After that, place the cartridge in chip resetter and gently press the resetter so the led light will flash and remove it until it turns steady.
  • Resetting of an ink cartridge is done, Now check your printer by connecting the Power and USB cable that Canon printer 5100 error is resolved or not.
  • If the error 5100 is not resolved until now, perform a hard reset.
  • In Hard reset, remove the power cable and connect it after ten minutes.
  • Press and hold power and resume buttons simultaneously, after that release both buttons when you see the startup light on the printer
  • Once the device is booted, the Canon printer error code 5100 must be fixed

If the error 5100 is still not fixed, then do check these common issues

  • Clean the printing stripe with a dry cloth
  • Take off jammed pieces of paper if there are any
  • Remove dust and debris from your printer
  • Reset your printer’s ink absorber to resolve canon printer error code 5100
  • Check if the cartridge is seated properly and should have a clear pathway

Canon printer error e59

The reliability of canon printers is high, but you may face some technical errors, and Canon printer e59 error is one of them. The canon printer error e59 is a mismatch related to the configuration of the paper. Always ensure that the paper size matches the one set of your canon printer.

Major causes for e59 error canon printer

  • Any mismatch between paper and printer settings
  • If the paper and printer parameters are different
  • Paper jam inside the printer can also cause the cannon printer error e59
  • This also may be caused due to pending print queue

Follow these steps to resolve Canon Printer E59 Error

  • If you are facing this error, then immediately press the stop button to block printing activities
  • Check the printer and paper settings according to the paper size
  • Remove all the dust and debris from your canon printer
  • Restart the printer and check if the issue is resolved

Canon Printer Support By Us

canon printer customer supportCanon printers are the most famous products used by users worldwide. The technology within canon printers are known for outstanding performance and quality. Canon printers offer several benefits like printing, faxing, and other functions. You can call the number provided on this website for canon printer problems. You will be connected to an independent third-party service provider. Executives will listen to you and & guide you with Canon printer problems troubleshooting.