Norton is an antivirus software named after its founder Peter Norton. It’s an anti-malware software that safeguards our operating systems. Norton antivirus is being developed and distributed by its parent company Gen Digital after its initial release in 1990. Norton antivirus can secure Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Norton not only protects our operating systems from malware, but it also improves their working capacity.

norton supportThis article will share information about Norton setup and troubleshooting the challenges we face while using the Norton antivirus. We will discuss some important Norton setup: How to download Norton antivirus, How to renew Norton Subscription, How to temporarily disable Norton antivirus, How to stop Norton Pop ups, and official Norton Support. We will also guide the steps for some errors and their troubleshooting. You can also contact the number provided on the website for third-party tech support. The executive on call will listen to your concern regarding Norton support and provide you with the best resolution.

How to Download Norton Antivirus & Install:

Download and installation are the initial processes for Norton setup. Thus, this part of the article discusses Norton 360 installation and download. Adhere to the steps mentioned beneath.

  • Visit the official website of Norton antivirus
  • Now navigate to the buy section
  • Choose the Norton subscriptions and the version you want to download according to your requirement
  • Enter your email id and login password
  • Enter your payment details
  • Follow the onsite screen guided steps for downloading the Norton antivirus
  • Once you finish downloading, locate the Norton antivirus software in your operating system
  • Right-click on the file and select the option RUN as the Administration option
  • Agree on the user license agreement
  • Enter your product key for the Norton antivirus
  • Perform on-screen protocols to finish the Norton 360 installation process

Now you have successfully installed the Norton antivirus in your operating system. You can enjoy your Norton subscription renewal and your Operating system with lighting renewal

How to Renew Norton Subscription:

For Norton renewal, Locate and open your Norton software, Follow the below steps:-

  • Please navigate to the My Norton window available next to Device Security, and click on the Open Option
  • Click on the Option Renew or Activate Now in the Norton product window
  • Click Renew Now or Subscribe Now for Norton subscription renewal
  • Enter your payment details and  Adhere to the on-screen guided steps to complete the payment for the Norton subscription renewal
  • Once you complete the payment, your subscription will be renewed automatically
  • The future Norton renewal subscription will add the remaining days of the existing subscription when you renew it

Your Norton subscription renewal is complete now. You can enjoy it as per your subscription package. You can also choose the Norton auto-renewal option to enjoy uninterrupted services.

How to Temporarily Disable Norton:

Sometimes Norton automatically restricts certain activities to be performed. It will not allow you to visit certain sites or stop you from downloading & using certain apps and files. If you feel that the programs you want to use are safe, you can simply Disable Norton security on your operating system. We will guide you through the further steps for How to temporarily disable Norton, and we will also guide the steps on how to disable Norton until to start it further manually.

You can perform the guided steps below for disabling the Norton security in the window operating system:-

  • In your windows operating system right, click on the icon of Norton security in the notification area of the taskbar
  • Select and click the Disable Auto-Protect Option
  • Please select the duration in the Norton security request window available Option Will be 15 Minutes, 1 Hour, or 5 Hours, Until I Restart the Window and Permanently.
  • Again right, click on the Norton icon and select the Disable Smart firewall Option and Select the duration

Once you finish selecting the Option, your Norton security will be disabled further till the duration gets over. If you have chosen the Permanently Option, then it will be disabled till you will manually enable it. To further manually enable Norton security Right, click on the Norton security icon and manually select the Option Enable Auto-Protect and Enable to disable norton

How to Disable the Norton security in Mac:

To disable the Norton security in mac, follow the guided steps beneath:

  • Open the Norton security in your mac operating system
  • Open the Device security option available in My Norton Window
  • Further, please navigate to the Option Related to Advanced or Settings and click open it
  • Click on the Option available in the left side related to Protect My Mac
  • Turn off the switch in front of the Automatic scans row
  • Click on the Firewall option available on the left pane
  • Turn off the button in front of the Connection Blocking
  • Turn off the button in front of the Vulnerability protection

You have successfully disabled the Norton security in Your Mac operating system. Further, to turn on the protection, you can manually choose the Option Fix Know available in the main window of Norton security.

How to Stop Norton Pop Ups on windows 10:

We might face discomfort while working in our operating system due to pop ups. We have shared information related to How to stop Norton pop up. Track for the steps beneath to stop Norton Pop Ups.

  • Click opens your Norton security product initially To stop Norton Popups
  • Open the Device security option available in My Norton Window
  • Navigate and click open the Settings
  • Further track down the Administrative settings option in the way to disable the Norton popups
  • Move off the switch in front of the Norton task notification
  • To finish the setup towards disabling the Norton popups, Click on the Apply option And further on Close Option

Official Norton Support:

You can contact the Official Norton support for any further queries. We have provided some of the official contact details of Norton below. These are details we have collected through the various resources from the internet. Please confirm them before using it as this information might get updated anytime by official Norton Support.

norton support number

Norton Customer Service Number 855-815-2726
Norton live chat Live Chat
Norton Support Number 44(0)20 7616 5600
Norton Support Phone Number Australia 61 1800 680 026
Norton Antivirus Phone Number for technical help 800-927-3991

Norton cannot connect to server:

Sometimes you may need help with your Norton Security. The most common error is a browser error which we generally consider as Norton Cannot connect to server. Go through the steps mentioned downward to resolve this error:-

  • Check your Norton Service status, as sometimes this error may occur when the service is down or interrupted for some reason
  • Retry after some time, when the error may get resolved if you face the same error, read the information on Norton Service Status Help
  • Exit all your Programs and restart your window
  • Configure your operating system’s default browser (You might have to change your default browser to resolve this issue)

In order to change your default browser setting for resolving the error of Norton not connecting to server adhere to the steps guided:-

The setup guide to change the browser setting in windows 11

  • Click on the Start and click enter the Settings option
  • Navigate to Apps options
  • Click on the Default Apps Option available on the Right pane
  • Select the browser which you want to use
  • You will see the Option related to “Make ( Browser) your default Browser” click on the browser and Select the Option Set Default
  • Now you can start your Norton to connect to server

Your error related to Norton cannot connect to server must be resolved now. If you still face the same error, then you must remove and reinstall Norton to troubleshoot the Norton cannot connect to server error:

Follow the directed steps stated underneath:

norton cannot connect to server

  • For initial steps toward reinstalling Norton, you have to Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool
  • To download the tool, use Norton official website and download Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. Downloading from an unknown source can affect your operating system.
  • Locate the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool file in your operating system
  • Right-click on the file and Select the Option Run as Administration
  • Read and click on Agree for the user’s license agreement
  • Click on the Remove & reinstall Option In Norton Remove and Reinstall tool
  • Adhere to the on-screen guided steps. further click on the Continue/Remove Option for uninstalling Norton
  • Restart your operating system by selecting the Restart Now Option
  • Once the system gets restarted, follow the on-screen guided steps to install Norton

Once the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool finish the whole setup, your browser error of Norton cannot connect to the server will be resolved

Norton VPN not working:

A VPN helps disguise your Network and protect your operating system from any external Access. It helps you by protecting your operating system from hackers’ actions to protect your data. Norton has introduced Norton Secure VPN to provide network safety and protect your data. Sometimes Norton VPN won’t turn on or stops working. To resolve this issue, Adhere to the Steps:

  • Initially check your internet connection and reconnects your internet connection if not connected
  • Try restarting your internet connection to connect to the Norton VPN

If Norton VPN is still not connected, restart your Norton VPN by following the steps mentioned below on the way to resolve the Norton VPN not working error:-

  • Click open The Norton secure VPN in your Operating system
  • Click on the user icon available in the right corner of the Norton Secure VPN window
  • Select and click the Sign-out Option from the list
  • Click on the settings icon to open the setting window of Norton secure VPN
  • Navigate and click on the Quit Norton Secure VPN
  • Restart your Operating system
  • Once your operating system gets restarted Open, the Norton secure VPN to sign in again

The Norton VPN not connecting error must be resolved, now you can freely use your Norton Secure VPN and safeguard your device from external Networks action to save your antivirus support

Norton Support by Us:

In the above topic, we have mentioned some important Norton support guides, such as How to download Norton antiviruses, How to renew Norton Subscription, How to temporarily disable Norton antivirus, and How to stop Norton Pop ups. We have also mentioned the official Norton support contacts we have collected from the various resources on the internet. Moreover, we have mentioned some of the errors and their troubleshooting steps. You face these errors while using the Norton products, such as Norton cannot connect to server and Norton VPN not working. You can also contact the number available on the website for third-party support for your Norton product. Executive will listen to your concerns and will provide you proper guide.