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D-Link Corporation is a renowned corporation known for manufacturing networking equipment that makes the life of its users smarter & safer. D-Link products are Routers, Gateway, DSL/cable, Security Cameras, Switches, Network storage, and some others. D-Link Router is a device (Home network) that helps in arranging the communication between the internet and local home devices so that users can access the internet at full speed and can share files to others or surf web pages. These routers are specifically made on the state-of-art technology that gives leverage to users to enjoy uninterrupted yet fast speed internet. Whether it be surveillance technology or wi-fi networking, D-Link remains committed to providing the best services to its users worldwide. We have covered some of the topics to which users face problems in performing or completing, or even they don’t know as well. Meanwhile, any user who comes across any dilemma in reading this article, anyhow, may utilize the D-Link tech support for adequate assistance. Corporation has dedicatedly created the Dlink customer support service for its users to help them at any cost. The best way to connect at its service is by using the D-Link customer service number.dlink router setup

You can even make use of our customer tech support number which is mentioned at the top of this article. It usually redirects the call of every user to a specified yet independent 3rd party D-Link support expert team. You may also support Dlink experts by giving feedback so that they may enhance their service better.

Dlink Setup >> How to setup Dlink router?

Dlink routers are an amazing resource to connect your home network to the internet. So, follow this Dlink router setup procedure carefully and set up your D-Link router easily. If you have any queries regarding this D-Link setup, then you may call Dlink customer service number. The professionals are present all the time on Dlink customer service to deliver the guidelines over the Dlink router setup.

  1. First, connect your device to the DSL modem or cable. In case, you see the Dlink router login window for internet service providers, create a note of the username and password.
  2. Disconnect your DSL modem or cable and router.
  3. Connect the modem to the “WAN” port of your Dlink router. Plug the device to the router’s numbered ports.
  4. Power on in the modem and wait for some time. Connect your router and restart your device. The D-Link router setup (technical procedure) begins here.
  5. Choose the Start > control panel > network connections options.
  6. After that, right-press on the “Local area connection” to bring up the network connection properties.
  7. Press the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then tap the “get an IP address automatically” option. Now, press the “obtain DNS Server addresses automatically” option.
  8. Launch your internet browser. In case, you are prompted for a User ID and password, enter your login credentials. For further help regarding the Dlink router setup, call Dlink support number.

Through this process, you can easily set up your Dlink router. If you confront any issue while performing these above guidelines, then you should simply take the help of Dlink tech support experts sitting at the Dlink setup service. They will deliver you high-tech solutions to resolve your issue via Dlink support number and give complete guidance over the Dlink setup (router). If you are looking for a D-Link camera setup, this specific number is ideal to use. If you don’t have any official and verified D-Link customer service number, then you have to visit its official support.Dlink.com site where you can also find several options to contact Dlink customer support team.

dlink setupDlink Range Extender Setup >> How to reset Dlink range extender

In order to reset the D-Link range extender, you have to implement these steps provided below carefully. This guide is quite simple to understand and easy to execute.

  1. Search for the circular button named “reset” on the back of the Extender.
  2. Utilize a paperclip or pin and click the “reset” option.
  3. Hold the “reset” button for some time and when you see all lights blinking on the Dlink range extender, you can release the button.
  4. Now reboot your Dlink extender.
  5. After doing all these things, you have to wait for some time to fully restore and reboot the factory setting of the range extender. For more information regarding the Dlink range extender setup, you can call Dlink support number.

After following this process, you can easily reset your Dlink range extender. If you encounter any difficulty while performing these steps given above, then you can simply contact Dlink extender setup service using the Dlink customer support number. The technicians available at the Dlink router customer service will provide you first-rate support, services, and solutions. Simply go to the support.Dlink.com to avail the various D-Link support contact options. You can also take the help of any independent third-party D-Link support. For this, you can also use our support number posted on this web-portal.

Dlink Support Numbers – Official:

If you are searching for the official Dlink customer service number, then this section will help you. You can find here verified and official Dlink phone numbers, live chats, email services. These contact options are mentioned here as per the research done on the internet. Using all these contact options, you can instantly connect with the official Dlink tech support experts. However, these Dlink contact details could be changed without any information so verify them on your behalf. In order to get instant support, our support number can also help you that is displayed on this website. Through this number, you will be connected to an independent 3rd-party Dlink router support number. You may also support Dlink corporation to enhance their services by giving your vital feedback on its official site.dlink customer service

D-Link Office Number +1 800-326-1688
D-Link Support Number 1 (877) 453-5465
DLink Customer Service Number (USA) 1-714-885-6000

Dlink Extender Setup >> How to setup Dlink range extender utilizing WPS

In case, you need to set up your Dlink range extender via WPS, then you can go through this D-Link setup section. These steps given below are easy to execute. In case of any issue, just contact Dlink range extender setup service for better support and services.

  • Push and hold the WPS button shown on the Dlink range extender for some seconds.
  • After some time, release the button and check extender light if it is blinking or not.
  • Indicating WPS has been initiated. Now push and hold the WPS button shown on the home’s router for some time to initiate WPS on the extender. In case of any issue, call Dlink wireless extender setup number.

If you seek help regarding the D-Link camera setup, then go to the support.Dlink.com, get the D-Link support contact options and know the relevant guidelines.

The final configuration will be finished automatically b/w the two devices from there.

  • Connect the range extender into the power outlet.
  • Utilize the mobile device for browsing the available networks and choose the Dlink setup from the list. If you have any queries, then call Dlink range setup number.

Open the internet browser and navigate to the main site of Dlink range.

  • Press the Get started option given on the Dlink range setup website.
  • After that, choose the wifi name from the list of listed networks.
  • Provide the password of the wifi network and choose next.
  • Chose the wifi network again and press the next button.
  • After doing this, press the create an extended network.
  • You can create a new username and password for your D-Link range extender as you want. To get more information, dial Dlink range setup number.

dlink tech supportThe Dlink range extender setup procedure is completed now. Follow this complete process carefully and set up your Dlink range extender successfully. In case, you encounter any problem, call Dlink phone number and talk with the best technicians sitting at the Dlink range setup service to provide suitable solutions. They will resolve your issue quickly. In order to get instant support regarding Dlink netcam setup, you can simply call Dlink customer support number. You just have to visit support.Dlink.com despite getting the Dlink support number. Users may even support Dlink technicians to improve their service by giving feedback.

D-Link Wireless Router Setup >> How to configure Dlink wireless router as an internet gateway

For the D-Link router setup as an internet gateway, you should follow this section. If you perform all these D-Link setup steps carefully, then most probably you don’t need to call any D-Link wireless router setup number for help. However, if any difficulty confronts, then you should call D-Link phone number for D-Link router setup as an internet gateway:

  1. Take a UTP Ethernet cable.
  • Plug the Dlink router into the electric power.
  • Link the Ethernet wire into the router’s LAN ports.
  • Configure this “” IP address.
  1. Enter the IP address (‘’) of the D-Link router into the internet browser.
  • Hit the enter button and then click the D-Link login option.
  • After that, reset the router to the default settings.
  1. Internet (wide area network) WAN:
  • Configure the WAN (wide area network) IP addresses
  • Type IP addresses as given by Internet Service Provider, then press on “Apply changes” option.
  1. Configure the DNS (domain name system) while performing D-Link setup:
  • Type the DNS (domain name system) IP addresses given by ISP and implement it.
  1. Configure the wireless settings.dlink support number
  • Type SSID (Service Set Identifier) protected mode: Enable the protection
  • Configure the service set identifier (SSID).
  1. Configure the wireless security.
  2. Configure the LAN (Local area network) settings.
  • Local area network settings
  • Often enable the DHCP.
  • Prefer the “Local domain” as the domain name.
  1. Configure the Dlink router time zone and password. D-Link router setup as your internet gateway finishes here.

In case, you have performed these guidelines accurately, then you have positively setup D-link router (wireless) as your internet gateway for home or office use. In case, you still face any trouble and seek D-Link wireless router setup help, then you can feel free to call Dlink customer service number anytime as the Dlink router setup service is available all the time day and night. The Dlink tech support team will provide you the appropriate solutions regarding D-Link wireless router setup. D-Link customer service number is the best way to get effective solutions over D-Link router setup. People also support Dlink corporation by giving their feedback to enhance the service; you can also do so by visiting the support.Dlink.com page.

Dlink Router Setup >> How to fix Dlink router not working issue

Dlink routers are popular and most reliable routers available throughout the world. That’s why their chances of breaking down are difficult. But if your Dlink router is not running properly, then there may be several reasons behind this issue. You can easily sort out the things without any support from the Dlink tech support experts. You just need to execute these methods provided below. Every method is suitable and effective and will guide you properly to get rid of this issue forever. If you need help related to D-Link camera setup, then you may call D-Link support number.

Method-1. Restarting the Dlink router

Restarting the Dlink router can resolve this issue completely. In case of any issue, call the D-Link customer service number.

  1. First of all, connect the modem and router off from the power outlet. After doing so, wait for some time.
  2. Connect both the devices back. Ensure you plug in the modem first and then router.
  3. After doing so, wait until you see the lights of modem and router blinking or not. When both lights are blinking, restart your device and link it to the internet. For more information, call Dlink setup number.

support dlinkMethod-2. Set DNS server address for fixing Dlink router not running issue

Setting up this DNS address can easily fix this issue completely. If you have any doubts regarding this D-Link setup topic, then you may call Dlink router customer service number.

  1. Launch the control panel on your device. Press the internet and network option.
  2. Choose the network and sharing center. Press the connection that you wish to edit.
  3. After doing so, open the properties of the selected connection.
  4. Press the internet protocol version 4, and choose the properties.
  5. Press the radio button available and utilize the following DNS server addresses option. Now you can provide the DNS server addresses.
  6. You can enter DNS server addresses. Default DNS server-; alternate DNS server-
  7. Press the OK button. After that, close the control panel screen.
  8. Reset the TCP/IP stack in windows.
  9. Open the Run dialog box and enter the command- ‘int IP reset’, ‘Winsock reset’.
  10. After doing all these things, restart your device and see if the router runs or not.

Method -3. Fix this issue by updating the wireless driver

Uninstalling and re-installing the process of Wireless driver can fix this issue properly. It is straightforward to update the wireless driver if you follow this method carefully.

  1. Click the Windows + R key simultaneously. Enter the command “devmgmt.msc” into the provided field and hit the enter button.
  2. After doing so, you will see a device manager window. Locate the network driver/wifi.
  3. Right press on it. Press the update button.
  4. In case, any update is not available, select the uninstall link. You should re-install it instantly.
  5. After doing this, you can clean your device and update the router firmware for checking if it assists. For further help, dial Dlink customer support number. You can also get the help regarding D-Link camera setup on calling this particular number.

Method-4. Reset the Dlink router

There are two methods by which you can reset the Dlink router to fix the Dlink router not displaying the problem. Preform these guidelines provided below to reset the router to default settings. If you have any doubts, then call Dlink phone number.dlink customer support

  1. Through a pen or pencil clip, click the reset option. Hold it for some time.
  2. Insert the power cord while clicking the option, and then release it. After that, configure the wifi settings and Dlink router.
  3. Or, go to the left pane and locate the utility section. Press the link that shows the “restore factory default” option.
  4. You will be asked to verify what all will be restored. Press the restore defaults. Again, a notification will be shown on your screen, press the OK button.
  5. As you press the ok, you verify your action of restoration. As automated restore will be completed by your Dlink router and restored automatically.
  6. After doing so, restart the device after completing the reboot process.

We hope, all the above methods will help you to fix your issue instantly. In case, you are unable to fix your issue using these methods or these methods don’t work properly, then you must call Dlink customer service number for better guidance and support. The Dlink tech support team available at the Dlink router customer service will understand your issue first and then provide you the appropriate solutions. They have high expertise in resolving any kind of issue instantly via Dlink extender setup number. You can get this Dlink router support number from the official Dlink contact info page. In order to get quick support regarding Dlink netcam setup, you can call Dlink range setup number.

Dlink Extender Setup >> The Dlink wifi range extender setup procedure

Dlink wifi range extenders make a larger network out of an already-existing wifi signal. Follow this section and set up your Dlink wifi range extender easily. In case of any issue, just call D-Link customer service number.

d-link setupFollow this D-Link wi-fi range extender setup method given below carefully:

  1. Connect the wi-fi extender in the device and a wall outlet:
    • Utilize an Ethernet cord for connecting the extender to a device, and then connect the extender in the power outlet.
  2. Power off the device’s wi-fi and go to D-Link’s internet browser setup window:
    • Type http://Dlinkap.local into the internet to reach the setup page.
  3. Press on “Get started” and choose the device’s 5 GHz wireless network:
    • Press the device’s 5 GHz network and choose the password of the network when prompted.
  4. Press the computer’s 2.4 GHz network and make an extended network:
    • Click the next button and locate the device’s 2.4 GHz wifi network. Press the “next” and press the “Make extended network” to successfully make a more extended network out of the device’s wifi signal. For further help, call Dlink wireless extender setup number.

The Dlink wifi extender setup process is completed now. In case of any issue, you can take the help of the Dlink wifi range extender setup service by calling them on Dlink phone number. You can easily find verified Dlink wifi extender setup number on the official Dlink contact info page. Once you call Dlink wifi range extender setup number, you will be assigned the best technicians who are always present at the Dlink wifi extender setup service and they will provide you appropriate solutions. Even for D-Link camera setup, this specific number is ideal to use. In case, you are unable to connect to the official D-Link wireless router setup number, then you should use the support number shown on this webpage. It will redirect you to an independent 3rd-party Dlink wifi range extender setup service. To support Dlink corporation and give them feedback, you can visit the D-Link official site.