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Arlo Technologies, Inc. is a home automation organization that develops and manufactures wireless security and home security cameras. It was recognized as a unique brand by Netgear, prior to its primary public providing on the New York Stock exchange in 2018. The actual Arlo Security Camera was released in 2014 at Best Buy and on Amazon. This camera is a wireless security camera operated by battery with 720p HD video quality, IP65-rated night vision and weather resistance. Arlo Ultra is the latest addition of Arlo security cameras, which is also a wireless security camera operated by battery with 4k HDR video, 180-degree panoramic view, higher night vision, noise termination feature and integrated spotlight. Some other advanced and key features are listed below:

Key features of Arlo cameraarlo setup

  • Arlo cameras have a flexible power option you can utilize it in both wire-free and wireless modes.
  • In your Arlo camera, you can simply store the data in your storage device via USB.
  • It also has the feature in detecting the delivered feature at your door, if any package delivered at your door, then it automatically notifies you.
  • A rich notification is also one of the essential features of the Arlo camera, that assists you to track all the activity at your office and home.
  • Arlo camera has also a face detection feature, it detects all the unfamiliar or familiar faces and alerts you. If you have any problems with face detection, then don’t panic and take the help of Arlo support number.
  • In the Arlo camera, both speaker and microphone are equipped, so with it, you can record both video and sound and talk with people via microphone or speaker.
  • Rechargeable battery: Arlo camera utilizes four CR 123 lithium 3-volt photo batteries. You can buy these batteries from online stores and retail stores that provide and devoted to battery sales. To know more features of Arlo camera, contact Arlo customer service phone number.

Presently, Arlo is providing moreover best technologies such as wire-free cameras, baby monitors, AC-powered cameras, Mobile cameras, doorbells, and lights. Apart from these amazing products, Arlo also offers the best Arlo customer support services throughout the world. It provides Arlo support phone number to make sure you get a hassle-free smooth functioning. The dedicated experts sitting at the Arlo setup service provides one of the best solutions to resolve any kind of issue instantly. Whether you face the minor or major issue, the Arlo customer service number can rectify all problems prevailing in the Arlo camera device. You can easily get verified Arlo phone number on the official Arlo contact info page where you can also choose other options to get in touch with the Arlo customer support team such as email services, live chats and also remote assistance via Arlo setup service.

arlo support numberArlo Camera Setup >> How to set up Arlo security camera or Arlo pro camera system

This Arlo pro setup process will help you in setting up your Arlo Pro camera perfectly. If you follow this process properly, then you don’t need to stick anywhere and you can simply set up your camera without any hassles. In case, you need more help regarding Arlo pro setup, then you can simply call the Arlo customer service phone number and talk with best technicians available at the Arlo setup service to offer the best solutions.

Follow this Arlo pro setup procedure to setup Arlo pro camera:

Download and setup Arlo application

  • Download the Arlo app to your smartphone.
  • Open the application and click the “New to Arlo” option.
  • In the next window, you need to select the Arlo product that you are setting up.
  • After that, install the Arlo base station hub. And then connect one end of the Ethernet cable on your router and other end into the base station.
  • When you have done setup base station successfully, press the “Continue” on the application.
  • After doing so, you need to wait for Hub to turn up. The application will automatically find the hub on your network.
  • Once it is completed, you need to select the time zone in the application.
  • Furthermore, choose the time zone and utilize the save button that is shown in the upper right corner.
  • Press the “Continue” button to proceed further.
  • At last, provide a name of the Base station. For further help regarding Arlo pro setup, call Arlo customer service number.

Create an accountarlo support phone number

  • Now, you need to create an account. For this, you have to enter the email address and password into the given field.
  • Once you have given the name for your account, then agree to terms and privacy policy. In case, you need help regarding this task, call the Arlo tech support phone number.

Sync your Arlo camera to the base station

  • Now you need to sync your Arlo camera to the base station. You will have to do this in one camera at a time.
  • Make sure that your camera closes by the base station during the syncing procedure.
  • Also, ensure that you have to install the battery of the cameras.
  • Now begin by clicking the sync option that is on the top of the base station for two seconds. Release once the far-right green light will start to blink.
  • After that, press and hold the sync button shown on the camera until the blue LED on the Camera begins to blink.
  • When you have put the base station and your Arlo camera on the sync mode, they will automatically connect. After that, press the “Continue” in the application until you get the “sync finished” notification on the window. You can further press the “Add more camera” or “Finish” option as per your need. Contact Arlo camera support phone number to get any additional information regarding Arlo pro setup.

Update the base station and camera firmware

  • Once you have successfully finished the syncing process, the application will prompt an option of upgrade.
  • Now, update the camera firmware as well as the base station.

Check the new Arlo security system

  • After following all the above process, press the “Live” option, after which you will get a live feed of your Arlo camera.

arlo phone numberAfter performing all the steps given above, you will be capable to set up Arlo pro camera system. If you come across any problem, then feel free to connect with the Arlo customer service phone number, where you will obtain all the required help to setup the security camera. You can get the authorized Arlo phone number on its main Arlo contact info page. Once you contact the technical experts sitting at the Arlo camera setup service, your issue will resolve instantly. Calling the Arlo tech support phone number is the most reliable and quickest way to get effective solutions.

Arlo Support Numbers – Official:

If you are searching for the official Arlo camera support phone number, then this guide is very helpful. We have mentioned here some verified and official Arlo customer service phone numbers, live chat support, email services and also remote access. However, these contact details are best and active as per the research on the internet. But these contact details could be changed by its official manufacturer anytime without any information. So, we recommend you to verify all of them by yourself before using these Arlo tech support phone numbers and other contact options. Or, in order to get instant support, you can use our support number posted on this site. This number will connect you to the best independent third-party Arlo support phone number.

Arlo Support Number USA 1 (408) 638 3750
Arlo Phone Number Australia 1 800 549 680
Arlo Number Canada 1 833 290 9488
Arlo Number UK 0800 970 3054
Arlo Email [email protected]
Arlo Chat Service

Arlo Help >> How to fix Arlo camera not working issue

In this case, there is the involvement of several factors. The Arlo customer support team first will recognize the reason behind this issue. After that, Arlo troubleshooting will begin as a result of every Arlo technical issue, if fixable. These common factors according to the research are given below. If you want to know more about the Arlo camera, then you can simply call the Arlo customer service phone number. The experts sitting at the Arlo camera setup service will provide you all the necessary information. In case, you don’t have any Arlo help number, then you can go to the official Arlo contact info page where you can also seek remote assistance via Arlo support number.arlo pro setup

Solution-1. How to fix power problems with Arlo cameras

  • Check the camera lights.
  • Check the base station’s lights.
  • Learn about the LED system. (Contact Arlo support phone number for LED guidance).
  • Check the internet power sully in case the power is right to Arlo base station. To get further Arlo help, dial Arlo customer service number.

Solution-2. How to fix Arlo security system is not syncing to the account issue

  • Sign in to your Arlo account and check the camera registration. Registering a non-provided camera probably will eliminate the problem.
  • Fix the highlighted issues that you check after signing into your account.
  • Check the internet connection.
  • Work on that router through which the base station is linked.
  • Check the router connectivity cables to the base station.
  • Look at the wires properly if hardwired and troubleshoot the wireless connection. Call the Arlo camera support phone number if these connections seem to be complicated to you. For further assistance, talk with experts sitting at the Arlo helpline.

Solution-3. Unable to get old videos from the account

If you are unable to search the old recorded videos, then you usually call the Arlo tech support phone number. But before you call the official Arlo customer service number, you should check what type of Arlo subscription do you buy. If the connectivity is OK, then you have to consider what kind of plan do you buy with the Arlo setup service. In case of having any queries regarding this topic, you can call Arlo contact number.

  • Basic plan:You can check and download one-week-old videos. Thus, it is a free plan.
  • Advanced plan:In contrast to the free plan, Arlo setup service providers offer an advanced plan in which you can download, manage and check 30 days old videos. It costs approx. $10 per month.
  • Premium:It offers you an opportunity for managing even sixty old videos. It costs approx. $15 per month. In order to get more details about Arlo plans, you can simply take the help of Arlo customer support experts present at the Arlo camera setup service by calling them on Arlo phone number. In order to get instant support, you can also utilize our support number displayed on this site. It will redirect you to an independent third-party Arlo camera support phone number.

arlo camera setupSolution-4. Unable to connect more Arlo camera to base station/ Account

In such a case, the Arlo security camera troubleshooting process is essential. You require following this complete method for checking where is the issue. Although, the trick in this subscription included in it that plays a vital role in the connectivity of Camera. Just have an instant look, you could get an answer. Even after following this guide, if you have any doubts regarding this topic, then you can directly call Arlo camera support number and take best assistance through best experts sitting at the Arlo camera setup service.

  • Basic plan: This free plan provides you to connect up to just five Arlo cameras.
  • Advanced plan: It costs you approx. 410 per month and is able to link up to 10 cameras.
  • Premium plan: Arlo Customer support defines that you can attach up to 15 cameras. For more help, call Arlo support phone number.

We hope, all the above solutions will help you to fix this Arlo camera not working issue properly. In case, these solutions don’t work or your issue does not solve, then you can use the official Arlo tech support phone number. When you give a call on Arlo phone number, you will be assigned the best technician available at the Arlo setup service. If you are looking for the verified Arlo support number, then you can easily find it on the official Arlo contact info page. Here, you can also choose other contact options such as email services and live chat support. In case, you are uncomfortable with these chatbots, you should only choose Arlo support phone number for instant and better guidance. In case, you fail while calling the official Arlo customer service number due to any network connection issues, then you can also use our support number shown on this webpage. It will forward you to the best independent third-party Arlo camera support phone number.