Home security is a top priority for all of us, and in our quest for peace of mind, we often turn to smart surveillance solutions like Arlo cameras. These cutting-edge devices promise to keep a watchful eye on our properties and loved ones, capturing critical moments that may occur at any given time. However, what happens when the very feature we rely on – recording – suddenly fails to deliver?

Arlo camera not recordingIf you’ve experienced the frustration of an Arlo camera not recording, you’re not alone. This Arlo no recording blog is dedicated to unraveling the mystery behind this all-too-common issue. We’ll delve into the potential causes of why is Arlo not recording, from motion detection malfunctions to connectivity hiccups, and provide you with effective solutions to bring your Arlo camera back to its full recording capabilities.

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and troubleshooting tips to get your security system up and running seamlessly. Join us on this journey as we demystify the obstacles that hinder your Arlo camera’s recording performance and equip you with the tools to restore the watchful eye that guards your home. Let’s dive in and reclaim the assurance that comes with a reliable surveillance solution.

Why Arlo Camera Not Recording?

If your Arlo camera is not recording as expected, it can be frustrating and concerning, as it may compromise the effectiveness of your home security setup. Several factors can contribute to this Arlo not recording issues, and understanding the possible causes can help you troubleshoot and resolve the Arlo camera not recording problem effectively. Here are some common reasons why your Arlo camera is not recording:

  • Motion detection not triggering recordings: Despite apparent motion in the camera’s field of view, the Arlo camera fails to initiate recordings, leaving critical events undocumented, resulting in Arlo camera not recording when motion detected.why Arlo camera not recording
  • Camera not recording despite detecting motion: The camera acknowledges motion but does not follow through with recording the detected activity, causing gaps in surveillance footage resulting in Arlo not recording.
  • Inconsistent recording schedules: Cameras set to record on a schedule may exhibit irregular recording behavior, causing Arlo not recording motion, either recording when not scheduled or failing to record during designated times leads to Arlo camera not recording.
  • Battery-powered cameras not recording due to low battery levels: Arlo cameras relying on rechargeable batteries may cease to record when the battery levels are critically low.
  • Cameras not recording during scheduled recording periods: Despite being within scheduled recording time frames, the Arlo camera remains inactive, leading to the absence of crucial recordings, this can cause Arlo camera not recording when motion detected.
  • Limited or no video footage stored in the cloud or local storage: Users may find that their Arlo cameras have captured minimal or no video footage, resulting in Arlo camera not recording.
  • Intermittent recording interruptions: Cameras may exhibit erratic recording patterns, occasionally recording events while missing others.
  • Recording delays or lag: There might be a delay between the detection of motion and the actual initiation of the recording process, leading to potentially missed events.
  • Camera firmware issues affecting recording functionality: Outdated or faulty camera firmware can disrupt the recording process and result in Arlo camera not recording when motion detected.
  • Connectivity problems causing recording failures: Issues with the camera’s connection to the Wi-Fi network or the Arlo base station may prevent recordings from being stored.
  • Cameras not recording in specific areas: Arlo cameras equipped with activity zones may not consistently record activities occurring within the defined zones.
  • Subscription-related issues: Users with certain Arlo subscription plans might encounter difficulties accessing video recordings or may find that recordings are not being retained as expected.
  • Cameras showing as “offline” or “disconnected,”: Cameras that are offline or disconnected from the Arlo system cannot record or transmit video footage.
  • Blurry or pixelated video: Recorded video footage may suffer from quality problems, making it challenging to discern crucial details.
  • Missing or lost recordings from the timeline: Users may notice that specific recordings are missing from the Arlo camera’s timeline, making it difficult to review past events.
  • Recurring gaps in recorded footage: The camera may experience consistent gaps in recording, leaving parts of the monitoring area unaccounted for in the video timeline.

Arlo not recordingTo troubleshoot the Arlo camera not recording problem effectively, start by checking the most straightforward factors, such as battery levels, camera positioning, and internet connectivity. If the issue persists and still your Arlo camera not recording when motion detected, move on to more advanced troubleshooting steps, including firmware updates and checking subscription status. By systematically eliminating potential causes, you can identify and resolve the Arlo not recording issue that is preventing your camera from recording, restoring the security and peace of mind you seek.

How to Fix Arlo Camera Not Recording Issue:

If you’ve encountered issues with motion detection, scheduling, connectivity, or firmware, you’re in the right place. In this concise section, we’ll provide practical solutions to restore your Arlo camera’s recording performance swiftly. Let’s address these challenges together and ensure your home security remains robust and reliable.

  • Motion Detection Settings: If your Arlo camera not recording motion, check the motion sensitivity settings in the Arlo app and adjust them to ensure that the camera detects motion accurately. Reduce sensitivity if there are frequent false alerts or increase it if the camera is missing important events.
  • Camera Positioning: If your Arlo not recording motion, reevaluate the camera’s position and angle to ensure it covers the desired monitoring area effectively. Avoid obstructions that might interfere with motion detection.
  • Activity Zones: If you’ve set up activity zones, review and adjust them to encompass the areas you want the camera to monitor. If your Arlo camera not recording motion, ensure there are no gaps or overlaps in the activity zone settings.
  • Battery or Power Source Issues: If your Arlo camera uses rechargeable batteries, check their levels and recharge or replace them as needed. For cameras connected to power sources, ensure the cables and adapters are functioning correctly.
  • Internet Connectivity: If your Arlo camera is not recording, verify that your camera is connected to a stable and reliable Wi-Fi network. Address any connectivity issues that may affect the camera’s ability to record and transmit data.Arlo camera is not recording
  • Camera Firmware: If your Arlo isn’t recording motion, update the camera’s firmware to the most recent version that is available. Firmware updates frequently contain bug fixes and enhancements that can fix recording problems.
  • Smart Scheduling: If you use smart scheduling, review the camera’s active times and adjust them if necessary to ensure the camera is recording during the desired periods
  • Arlo Subscription: If your Arlo cameras not recording, make sure that you have an active and appropriate Arlo subscription plan if your camera requires one for recording features, such as cloud storage.
  • Storage Capacity: If you use local storage options like microSD cards, check that there is sufficient space available for the camera to store new video clips.
  • Camera Hardware: In rare cases, hardware issues with the Arlo camera can impact its recording functionality. If all troubleshooting steps fail and still your Arlo camera not recording motion, consider reaching out to Arlo customer support for further assistance or to explore potential hardware-related problems.

Remember to test the camera after each troubleshooting step to check if the Arlo not recording issues have been resolved. If the problem persists, continue to investigate other potential causes and consult official Arlo support resources for additional guidance.


You’ve successfully explored the world of troubleshooting Arlo camera recording issues, equipped with practical solutions to overcome any obstacles that may arise. From motion detection adjustments to firmware updates and connectivity checks, you’ve learned to tackle the most common culprits behind the frustrating problem of an Arlo camera not recording.

You can now take control of your home security and make sure that your Arlo camera performs at its best thanks to the knowledge you’ve received from this article. Remember to regularly review and fine-tune your camera’s settings, keeping an eye on firmware updates to benefit from the latest improvements.

By addressing these recording challenges, you’ve taken a significant step towards restoring the reliability and efficiency of your surveillance system. Your dedication to securing your home and loved ones is commendable, and now, with your Arlo camera back in action, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is well-protected. Unveil the wonders of the Arlo camera and find solutions to its related issues by visiting our comprehensive Arlo support page.

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