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Technical support is the assistance services provided by different vendors, manufacturers and software developers to the consumers who seek guidance. There are different versions of tech support such as call support, chat support or the basic email support system. Each one of these has different sets of priorities and different work ethics based on which they function. Mainstream companies have a particular division dedicated to providing such kind of services. Even many huge companies that exist today initially started providing tech support. This is also a tech support based website that provides assistance to consumers who need technical assistance based on software, hardware-based equipment, etc. There are several toll-free numbers as well which have been mentioned here. The consumers can use them and get help as well. Though several companies have their own official call based tech support numbers, but reaching out to them in situations of dire need becomes hard and tiresome as well. Alongside not only being paid services, but they are also costly. Amidst this moment of crisis for the consumers facing issues regarding tech, the first thing that strikes the mind is to search for the concerned companies’ voice support number and call them. But, getting these numbers is not a piece of cake. Also, there is a very good reason for the consumers to think like that as well such as these:independent support

  1. These official support staffs are trained professionals in their fields.
  2. These calls are transferred to the tech experts who are trained especially to tackle such situations. The categorization is always based on which tech expert deals with what product’s issue.
  3. They are veterans as well and know the minute details about their stuff as well. Of course due to the training they receive.
  4. Not only their pieces of advice are on-point but are also extremely precise.

Why choose an Independent Third Party Service Provider?

Despite all these boons, the official tech support also has a lot of demerits which diminish the relevance of these official customer support numbers. A few of them are as follows:

  1. Reaching out to these official customer service phone numbers is extremely difficult.
  2. The numbers mentioned on the official websites also keep on changing from time to time. Making it harder for the consumers who are loyal customers of a particular brand and need support on a frequent basis to obtain them easily.
  3. Also, the wait time on these numbers is extremely long because everyone dials them. So in a situation of emergency, the consumer has to wait for long queues which apparently would annoy any sane person.
  4. These official tech support numbers also charge way too much to help the consumers.
  5. But the biggest disadvantage or more precisely said disguise that these official tech support phone numbers have is that most of the time they have never actually used the product and provide help based on sheer knowledge of the product based in books and that is something that’s not very cool.
  6. Also, most of the times there is a pre-defined time frame when the consumers can get in touch with them and when they can’t.

support phone numberNow, the question arises whether you should contact the official support numbers or not. Well, the answer to that is “yeah” you should but only if you are not in a hurry to get assisted and have a lot of money to spare on phone bills.  However. In an alternate scenario, the best option is to call our independent support phone number. Our customer support number provides various types of support to the consumers be it OEM support, get the call connected to an independent third party support service, get voice support over calls, etc.

Advantages of Using an Independent Third Party Support Provider

We have discussed the merits of official support phone numbers in the above section. Now let’s talk about the benefits of the customer support numbers that provide independent support in the following section:

  1. The first benefit of the contacting independent customer support phone number is that it is available 24*7.
  2. This OEM support is mostly toll-free and if they are charging something, then it would be minimalistic as compared to the official support numbers.
  3. Also, this OEM support number is the one-stop solution to everything tech-related whereas, in the case of official support customer service numbers, every company has a different customer support phone number.
  4. The OEM tech support numbers get the calls of the consumers redirected to the experts who are providing help based on their personal use of the products unlike the bots replying to the customers based on bookish knowledge.
  5. Most of the time the person providing support is a genuine customer who has been using the products for a long-long time and gives advice based on their personal experiences, as a result, they provide free support compared to the paid and delayed support provided by the official support numbers.
  6. The personnel at the official customer support number is obligated to make your call online for longer durations instead of just providing you direct support because this is just another version of earning revenue for the company to them.
  7. The chances of unbiased support are highly minimal in comparison to the official voice support numbers. The reason is that this is not the source of income for them and they provide this service just to provide help to the consumers.customer service number

So these were a few of the benefits of calling this customer support phone number provided here. Now, the questions that arise in mind is why should you use this customer support phone number, and is calling these numbers a good decision or not. Well, the answer to this is up to the consumers to decide. As we have already explained the benefits of dialing our customer service phone number as compared to dialing the official support numbers. One more thing the consumers have to keep in mind while trying to reach out to the official customer support number is the time and effort it takes to get hold of these official support numbers. Whereas, this customer service phone number is available for every kind of tech support needed by the consumers. The reason behind this is that this number or the people on this number’s voice support are not the ones providing support to the end consumers. The function of this tech support number is to get the calls of the consumers redirected to the concerned independent third party support phone number so that consumers don’t have to waste their time and energy searching one. Also not only does this mean that the consumers are getting a lot quicker service but also this assures the end-users that they will get help from a person who actually a user of the product. But, there is a caveat to this as well. The consumers need to carefully go through the disclaimer and the terms of usage of these numbers first as well. The reason the consumers are asked to do so is that the main purpose of these customer support numbers is to get the calls of the consumers connected to a reliable and trustworthy independent third party customer support number who would provide quick and accurate support. Also, the solutions provided to the users by these independent third party support phone numbers are very precise and on point as always tend to overwhelm the consumers.