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carboniteCarbonite was founded in 2005 by an American company that provides its users with online data backup services on a basic charge. Carbonite has a feature to recover lost or accidentally deleted files. It automatically backs up all your data, like files, photos, videos, and documents and constantly updates your backup, if you choose “automatic backup.” You can easily access your backup data with your mobile app or on computer. There are three categories of your plans, “Basic,” “Plus,” and “Prime,” which can be chosen according to your usage with some specific charges. This article will guide you about Carbonite download, how to install Carbonite, Carbonite login, Carbonite server backup, and more. You can even contact independent third-party service provider via number provided on this website for further assistance. Executives will pick up your call and answer all your queries.

How to download Carbonite for PC? >> Carbonite download support

In this part of the article, we have shared how to download, install and sign-in for Carbonite on Windows. Follow these steps carefully: –

Download Carbonite

Follow the steps to download Carbonite application for the computer system.

 Install Carbonite

carbonite downloadFollow the instruction below to install Carbonite

  • Find the Carbonite download setup file in your computer’s download file.
  • Double-click on the setup file
  • They will ask you to allow the app to install, then click on “YES.”
  • It will start installing. Please wait for a few seconds to install it successfully on your device. It will flash a message of “successfully installed.”

Carbonite sign in

Helpful steps for Carbonite sign in: –

  • Open the application “Carbonite ” that you installed
  • Create your account by giving the required credential (first name, last name)
  • Enter your email id and create a strong password, then again enter the password to confirm password

Note: password must contain at least 8-character alphanumeric key with 1 upper and lowercase

  • Click on the option “create account.”
  • It will create a 15-day free trial id. After 15 days, you must take a subscription on the basics of your usage
  • If you already have an account, then click on the “sign in” option
  • Enter your login credential and click on the “Sign in” option

How to download Carbonite for Android? >> Carbonite download support

The steps mentioned here are for the android device, which shows how to download, install and sign in Carbonite on android devices.

Download Carbonite

Follow the steps to download and install Carbonite: –

carbonite support

  • Open your android device and go to the play store
  • Enter “Carbonite mobile” in the search bar above and tap on the “search icon.”
  • Click on the “install” option. It will start the download and installation on your device
  • You will receive a flash message after successfully installed
  • Choose the option “open.”

Carbonite sign in

Follow the steps to sign in

  • First, create your account from the web browser using the steps mentioned above
  • Open the Carbonite application installed on your android device
  • Click on the “Log in.”
  • Enter your login credential and tick the check box beside “I’m not a robot.”
  • Click on “log in.”

Hope you have successfully downloaded, installed and logged in to Carbonite Application. Now, you can begin backing up your data.

About Carbonite plans & Carbonite pricing detail

For using Carbonite online backup storage, you can select a plan per your need. All these plans are available at certain pricing which is available at the official website. Make sure to check Carbonite pricing on the official website. We have not mentioned the Carbonite pricing here to avoid misleading information as they Carbonite plans can change with time. You can also try a free trial version. To know more about plans continue reading.

Below is mentioned some details about Carbonite plans:

  1. “BASIC PLAN” – Details of features in the “BASIC PLAN.”

  • Unlimited backup
  • Secure
  • Automatic file backup
  • Support all types of files
  • Easily accessible on mobile
  1. “PLUS PLAN”

It covers all features of the “basic plan,” with some extra features listed below.

  • Backup external drive
  • Web root computer antivirus

It has all the “basic plan” and “PLUS PLAN” features, with extra features listed below.

  • Courier delivery of the recovered file – they will send you a drive that contains all your accidentally deleted data and corrupted files as per your demand.

Official Carbonite Phone Number

carbonite phone number

Carbonite is designed as an online data backup storage for personal and business purposes. It is easily accessible on mobile phones and is secure. Easy to recover your files without paying any extra ransom ware. The articles covers Carbonite support from independent third party. However, if you still need help from official customer support executive, you can connect with the official support executive on the given numbers. All numbers are correct according to us and these Carbonite phone numbers have been taken from available online internet sources that might be changed by the officially authorized person. We will not be responsible for that change. So, kindly verify these Carbonite phone numbers before going through them.

Carbonite number
Carbonite small business sales +1 (855) 227-2249
Carbonite data protection sales +1 (877) 901-3282
Carbonite UK sales +44 333 1234 200
Carbonite media inquiry 781-928-0762
Carbonite help number 877-665-4466
Carbonite endpoint 360 email support endpointsupport@Carbonite .com

How to manage Carbonite server backup? >> Carbonite backup support

You can manage your backup file according to your monthly or yearly subscription. You can quickly restore your backup files through your android device.

Here are some steps mentioned below for the Carbonite backup server. Follow them.

  • Download the Carbonite application through the provided link https://support.Carbonite .com/articles/Personal-Windows-Upgrading-to-the-Latest-Version-of-Carbonite
  • Click on “download now.” After downloading, go to the Carbonite setup file and double-click on them to install it on your device.
  • After installation, it creates a “Carbonite backup drive” in your system.
  • Open the “Carbonite backup drive” in your device, and there will be the option of “BACKED UP FILES” and “PENDING UPLOAD.”
  • Go to the “pending upload” section and select the “automatic upload” option. So it can make automatic backup of your data.
  • From “BACKED UP FILES,” You can also restore your data in any other system if the computer device is corrupt or accidentally deleted files.

    carbonite customer service

Carbonite Supports by us

Carbonite protects all your computer data from the secure online server. You have to purchase the subscriptions according to your usage. You can renew your subscriptions. It allows you to restore all your data whenever you want. The above article mentioned the information about Carbonite download, install Carbonite, Carbonite login, etc. However, if you are still having trouble you can contact an independent third-party service provider via number provided on this website. They will go through your issue and help you sort out your problems.