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Linksys is an American brand that provides data networking services to businesses and homes. The company was started in 1988 by Victor and Janie Tsao, Taiwanese immigrants to the United States. Linksys provides a wide of services and connectivity solutions including Wi-Fi routers, mesh Wi-Fi, network switches, Range extenders, Business network switches and Wi-Fi networking. The business is mostly based as Business to consumer mode. Headquartered in Irvine, California, the first products of company were printer sharers which connected multiple Personal Computers to printers easily. The company had been progressing and expanded into Ethernet hubs, and cords and Network cards. In 1992, the Tsao couple who founded the company, began running Linksys for full time and relocated the company and setup a formal office for its growing staff. In 1994, it had grown to annual revenues of $6.5 million.linksys support

The article will provide guidance and step-by-step resolution of various common Linksys router issues. You can follow for Linksys router setup, resetting Linksys router, steps for how to setup a Linksys router, Linksys support for commonly faced Linksys issues and technical problems related to Linksys router. In case you still need help regarding only of the problems, you can contact independent third party service provider via number available on this website.

Linksys received a major kick start in 1995, when Microsoft launched its latest Operating system Windows 95 which had built-in networking functions which expanded the market and utilization of its products. Linksys successfully established its first US retail channel with Fry’s Electronics in 1995 and also with Best Buy in 1996. In the late 1990s, it released the first affordable multiport router in the market which highly popularized Linksys as a home networking brand and started to establish itself as a strong brand. In 2003, the company was acquired by Cisco, and revenues of more than $500 million with ever-growing staff. Let us begin the guide for Linksys setup.

How to setup Linksys router? >> Linksys router setup

Linksys router setup at home or office is simple. It is important to set up the router appropriately to prevent its unauthorized access and unwanted users from altering its settings. This is also crucial to protect your personal information. Setting up your Linksys router and running shall take only a few minutes. The article is a step-by-step guide to let you get your Linksys home router be online and do some basic security settings as per preferences and personalization. There are a number of models of Linksys routers available in the market. The sections provided shall work efficiently on most modern Linksys routers using its configuration interface which is easy to understand and implement.

It should be made sure that your computer has an active Internet connection before you begin setting up your Linksys router. It can be done by first connecting your computer to the modem using an Ethernet cable and then just try browsing any website. If you are unable to access the Internet, then you can contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for the configuration Linksys router. You also have the option to contact them if you are not certain about the type of Internet connection that you currently have.


You can also do Manual configuration of your Linksys wireless routers setup in case the Setup CD could not set up your router and failed to connect it.  The following instructions will guide you for the same.

how to setup a linksys router

  1. Connecting the devices together
  2. Setting up the preferred type of Internet Connection

Connecting the devices together

  1. The computer has to be connected to one of the Ethernet ports which are on the router using an Ethernet cable
  2. Plug in the power adapter of the router to a power source and then connect it to the power port of the router
  3. Some routers also have a power switch so. If your router has it too, then turn the switch ‘ON’.
  4. The power light of the router must be observed until it becomes stable

Setting up the preferred type of Internet Connection

You can choose one of PPPoE or Automatic Configuration –DHCP for your router settings for connection to Linksys router. You have the following options.

  1. a) PPPoE connection setting
  2. b) Automatic Configuration of DHCP setting
  • For settings of PPPoE connection

This is the type of router configuration which is ideal for connecting to a modem, set to Bridge Mode.  That is, you need to have a PPPoE dialer or router to on your computer to successfully establish an Internet connection.

  1. Open the web browser and type in the URL
  2. On login prompt, keep the username blank. The default Linksys password is ‘admin’ so enter “admin” in the password section as your Linksys router setup password
  3. If you had changed the login details before, use those details only
  4. On the Setup tab, select Internet Connection Typeand select PPPoE

Enter the PPPoE Password and Username which has been provided by your ISP. Select Keep Alive option and click on Save Settings

  1. Click on Statustab
  2. Click on Connect button in case the Login Status of the router is showing Disconnected go

In case the Internet IP Address and DNS servers show zeroes then restart the router to get the correct values by unplugging the power adapter for 30 seconds then plugging in. Then follow the above steps again. Your Linksys router will be set up

How to setup a Linksys router using software?

Linksys Wi-Fi Router software can be installed from the official site. In case you do not have a CD drive on your PC, by following the download from the ‘Linksys Connect Setup Software’ from the official site of Linksys. You can also refer to Linksys app from Play store/Appstore to get guidance.

  • Go to official Linksys Support Site. Put the model number of your router in ‘Search’ and press ‘Enter’
  • Click on the DOWNLOADS / FIRMWARE button on the screen.
  • Select the ‘Hardware version’ for your Linksys device
    Click on ‘Download’
  • Select Save location on your PC and ‘Save’

Open Linksys Connect setup file which is downloaded
Click Next
Follow the instructions displayed on the setup screen. Click on ‘Next’. Linksys Connect will start configuring your network

The setup will generate a Router name (SSID) and Password for your network device.  The information can be changed by editing the columns. Click Next

  • The setup will automatically identify the Internet connection type. The software can detect if you are using a DSL connection, if so, then a screen will appear. Enter your user account details and Click Next
  • Now he setup will finalize the settings and start to establish the Internet connection. A confirmation window will open to let you know that you are now connected to the internet.  Click ‘OK’
  • The main Linksys Connect window will open.  There will be tools and options to manage and personalize your network settings

After you are done setting up your router and configured your wireless security settings of Router nameand Password, you can now connect your wireless devices or computers to the network.linksys router setup

Linksys Router Extender Setup >> Linksys Wi-Fi extender help

The extender setup is used to enhance the range and coverage of your internet network. Set up Linksys router extender for a higher coverage of internet connectivity. This section may also be followed for resetting Linksys extender.

There may be instances when you must have experienced Wi-Fi nil locations or spots in your area where there poor signal from the wireless router. It could be because of obstacles such as buildings and other mechanical or material disturbances, or just areas that are out of the range of signals of the router. The Linksys Range Extender is a useful device to extend the range of your internet by extending the wireless range of your main router.

Linksys extender setup shall be done using the web based setup page Login to the web based Linksys range extender setup interface. Follow the steps to proceed in case your Wi-Fi range extender is still to be configured.

  1. Connect the Linksys extender with the power supply and wait for some time until the lights on the router get stable
  2. An Ethernet cable should be used to connect the Wi-Fi router and the Linksys extender
  3. Open the web browser and type in the URL and then press ‘Enter’
  4. Now enter the username and password and click ‘Login’
  5. Wait for a few minutes and then you will be proceeded to the Linksys range setup extender

Linksys Official Support Numbers

You can contact the official number of Linksys to get prompt assistance related to any of your Linksys router support or any other device issues. The contact numbers are provided to reach out to your desired office of Linksys customer support and connect to the officials to have your Linksys issues resolved. We have provided the official Linksys support numbers that we could access from online sources. The support contacts are correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing of this article. However, the same gets changed by the officials over time, we are not responsible for the same. It may change and update from time to time on the official website. Please verify the numbers and check them through the official website of Linksys. Following are the support numbers of Linksys to troubleshoot all your Linksys routers problems.linksys routers support

Linksys customer service number 1 800-546-5797
Linksys technical support number USA 800-326-7114
Linksys live chat support Chat Support
Linksys support number Canada (877) 855-6899
Linksys customer service number Canada 1-800-546-5797
Linksys support (949) 270-8500
Linksys support number UK 02 030 274 625

How to set default password for Linksys router? >> Linksys Router Default password reset

You can change your default Linksys router password. It is essential to update your password because of security and unauthorized accessibility concerns. The following steps will guide you to reset your Linksys router password.

You can easily Log in to your Linksys router via the web interface.

  1. Type in the URL of your web browser
  2. Enter your current username and password credentials to enter the next step
  3. Now go to ‘Administration’ tab and the ‘Management’ subpage
  4. Your current username and password will be displayed there. Edit both entries and enter your new Username and Password
  5. Click ‘Save settings’. Your new username and password will be set

Common issues of Linksys router

linksys routers problemsThere may be a number of Linksys router problems that may hamper your internet surfing experience. Some common issues can be slow download, slow upload, breaking connections, unable to access the web-based setup page of the router, forgot the wireless settings of the router.

When you purchase a new Linksys router and plug in the power, connect the Internet cables as well as the device to the computer using an Ethernet cable and still for some reason you are unable to connect to the internet as Linksys router not working then you can require Linksys help, then you can follow the sections of this article to restart, reconnect and resetting Linksys router and troubleshoot other issues related to connectivity and solution to other common technical problems.

Restart Linksys router

You can restart the router by simply disconnecting its power for 10 to 30 seconds and then reconnecting it. It will troubleshoot the Linksys router problems arising due to common issues. It can help you reconnect to the internet again by simply restarting it.

Check password for Linksys router

If you wish to check your Linksys router password or simply if you wonder ‘how do I log into my Linksys router?’, then you can check the current password of Linksys router if you’re using Linksys Connect and you configured your router with the older Linksys Connect 1.4 firmware. Your Linksys router password will be the same as your Wi-Fi password. If you still have Linksys Connect 1.4 installed, launch it and go to Router Settings then click on Advance Settings.  This will display the Linksys router password.

Restore default settings of Linksys router

How to reset Linksys router to Factory default? For your Linksys router reset to factory settings, step by step method is provided. In case you have forgot your Linksys router password and wonder how to login to Linksys route, can just reset it.

  1. On you router, find out the reset button, which must be placed deeply to prevent it from accidental reset while handling the router
  2. Use a pin or paper clip to press and hold the button for about 30 seconds to initiate the Linksys routers reset
  3. While holding the button, a light shall start blinking, indicating you can release the button now and unplug the router from the wall
  4. Wait for 30 more seconds and then plug it back. You Linksys router will be reset

Update firmware of Linksys router >> Linksys firmware update

The router firmware update is a great solution for many internet connection issues. Firmware is the software of your Linksys router available to on the official website of Linksys to be downloaded for your particular router model. When the wireless network connection has an obstacle or not as speedy as it needs to be, works slow then you have the option of trying changing to advanced wireless settings and you can also opt for wireless channel on the router. In some cases, when this may not work, it is suggested to upgrade the firmware. Regarding how to update Linksys router, you can update Linksys router firmware through the following step-by-step guide:linksys firmware update

  • Download the latest firmware file from the official site of Linksys
  • Carefully download the correct file only as per the model number and the version number on the flip side of your Linksys router
  • Now connect your PC to the router with a wire the main computer should be connected to one of the LAN Ethernet ports through the cable. One should always connect the PC using the Ethernet cable. The Local area connection should be turned ‘ON’ as well
  • Setup page of the router

Open your Web browser and type In the URL. Open the setup page, where you can change the settings manually. Then, go to the ‘Administration’ tab. Click on ‘router Firmware upgrade’ sub tab on the screen.

If the setup page of your Linksys router is now shown automatically, then you can have the newer version of Linksys router. You shall proceed to set up as instructed in the following steps

On the New Linksys router firmware update page:

  • To Browse the firmware update file

Click on ‘Browse’ and locate the firmware file that you had earlier downloaded on the main computer

  • 6. Update Linksys router firmware

Click on ‘Upgrade firmware’ option

  • Firmware update process

The Upgrade process shall take a few minutes. You shall get the message as “upgrade successful” once done. If you the message is displayed as “upgrade failed” then the router must be reset once again and the firmware should be updated. Also, check again that the correct file is downloaded

  • Reset Linksys router

Go online to check your internet connectivity. If you are connected to the internet, then you need not reset your router and skip this step

If you can’t connect to the internet then proceed to reset your router. Press and keep holding the reset button of the router using a pin or paper clip for about 30 seconds. Release the button when you see the lights blinking

Unplug the power cable and wait for 10 to 30 seconds. Then plug in the power cable again and wait till the router boots up for Linksys router update for firmware.

The Linksys router firmware upgrade process will be complete.linksys customer support

Linksys Support by Us

We have provided multiple solutions to your various Linksys router needs and requirements in this well researched and updated article. You can refer to the step-by-step guides to troubleshoot your Linksys router problems. The article will provide you with quick and easy solutions for Linksys router troubleshooting. You can connect to the official Linksys helpline in case your problem persists. If you desire receive assistance from an independent third-party service provider, then feel free to connect to the numbers provided at the top of the website to get technical help related to all Linksys router issues in a single place.