Home security has evolved leaps and bounds with the advent of smart surveillance solutions, and Arlo cameras have become synonymous with reliability and convenience. These cutting-edge devices provide homeowners and users alike with the peace of mind of an ever-watchful eye, ensuring the safety of their properties and loved ones. However, there’s a hidden challenge that can momentarily shatter this sense of security – the perplexing issue of an Arlo camera offline.Arlo camera offline

An Arlo camera says offline can be a cause for concern, leaving users wondering about the effectiveness of their surveillance setup. In this blog, we will delve into the intricacies of this enigma and explore the various factors that can lead to Arlo camera offline problem.

Understanding the root causes behind Arlo camera offline issue is the first step in resolving it effectively. From connectivity hiccups and power source problems to firmware updates and potential app glitches, we’ll unravel the mystery to empower you with the knowledge to fix this Arlo keeps going offline issue.

Join us on this journey of troubleshooting Arlo camera offline problem as we navigate through the challenges of an offline Arlo camera. By the end of this blog, you’ll be equipped with valuable insights and actionable solutions to ensure that your home security remains steadfast and vigilant. Let’s unveil the enigma together and restore the watchful eye of your trusted Arlo camera.

Causes of Arlo Camera Offline Issue:

Arlo cameras are known for their reliability and ease of use in providing home security. However, users might encounter occasional issues, such as Arlo camera says offline, When an Arlo camera goes offline, it can disrupt the surveillance system’s effectiveness and cause concern. Several factors can contribute to the Arlo keeps going offline issue. Here are some common causes:Arlo camera offline problem

  • Internet Connectivity Issues: One of the reasons for Arlo camera offline problem is a loss of internet connectivity. If the camera’s base station or the camera itself cannot establish a stable connection to the Wi-Fi network, it will cause Arlo offline problem.
  • Weak Wi-Fi Signal: Arlo cameras require a strong Wi-Fi signal to function optimally. If the camera is positioned too far from the router or there are physical obstructions like walls or large objects between the camera and the router, it can lead to a weak signal and result in the camera or Arlo camera says offline.
  • Power Source Problems: If the Arlo camera relies on a power adapter, issues with the power source can cause Arlo keeps going offline. Problems with the power outlet, cable, or the camera’s power adapter may disrupt the camera’s connection.
  • Camera Firmware Updates: Sometimes, camera firmware updates might lead to temporary Arlo camera offline problems, causing Arlo camera says offline until the update is complete.
  • Base Station Issues: The base station serves as the hub for Arlo cameras. If the base station experiences technical problems or goes offline, it can affect the connectivity of all associated cameras leading to Arlo offline problems.
  • Interference from Other Devices: Wireless interference from other electronic devices operating on the same frequency as the Arlo camera’s Wi-Fi can disrupt its connection and lead to Arlo camera offline status
  • Arlo App Glitches: Rarely, glitches or compatibility issues within the Arlo app itself may cause Arlo camera offline issues, even when it is connected.
  • Camera Hardware Problems: In some cases, there may be hardware issues with the Arlo camera, such as a malfunctioning Wi-Fi radio or other internal components, leading to Arlo camera offline

It’s essential to identify the cause of Arlo camera offline problem to resolve it effectively. Troubleshooting steps may involve checking internet connectivity, repositioning the camera for a better Wi-Fi signal, ensuring a stable power source, updating firmware, and ruling out any hardware problems. If the issue persists and still your Arlo camera says offline, reaching out to Arlo customer support or consulting official support resources can help in resolving the problem and restoring the camera to online status for a secure and reliable home surveillance experience.

How to Fix Arlo Camera Offline Issue:

Fixing the Arlo camera offline issue requires a systematic approach to resolve the underlying cause. Here’s a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting and bring your Arlo camera back online:Arlo camera is offline

  • Check Internet Connectivity: If your Arlo device is offline, verify that your Wi-Fi network is working correctly. Connect other devices to the same network to ensure internet access. If your Arlo camera uses a base station, make sure the base station is connected to the internet and functioning properly.
  • Position the Camera for Better Wi-Fi Signal: If Arlo camera says offline, reposition the Arlo camera nearer to your Wi-Fi router to improve signal strength. Avoid physical obstructions, such as walls or large objects that can interfere with the signal leading to Arlo camera offline issue.
  • Power Cycle the Camera: If your Arlo camera is offline, unplug the camera’s power adapter or remove its batteries. Wait for about 10-15 seconds before reconnecting the power source. Allow the camera to fully power on and reconnect to the network.
  • Check Power Source: If your Arlo camera is offline or relies on a power adapter, ensure that the outlet is working correctly and that the power adapter is functioning. If using batteries, replace them with fresh ones to ensure stable power supply.
  • Update Camera Firmware: Check for any existing firmware updates for your Arlo camera in the Arlo app or web portal. If updates are available, proceed with the firmware update to resolve any known issues.
  • Verify Base Station Connectivity: If your Arlo camera is connected to a base station, check that the base station is online and connected to the internet. Ensure that all cables and connections between the base station and the router are secure.
  • Check for Wireless Interference: Identify and mitigate potential sources of wireless interference. Move other electronic devices or Wi-Fi routers away from the Arlo camera to reduce interference.
  • Restart the Arlo App: If the camera is still showing as offline in the Arlo app, try restarting the app on your mobile device.
  • Factory Reset Arlo Camera (as a Last Resort): If none of the above steps work, you may consider performing a factory reset on the Arlo camera. Please note that this step will erase any customized settings on the camera.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to identify and resolve Arlo camera offline problems. Remember to test the camera after each step to check if it has come back online and is functioning correctly. A stable and reliable internet connection, combined with proper positioning and maintenance, will ensure your Arlo camera continues to deliver seamless and effective home security surveillance.

How to Reset Arlo Camera:

Arlo camera reset can be a useful troubleshooting step if you encounter persistent issues or if you want to set up the camera from scratch. The process may vary slightly depending on the Arlo camera model you have, but here’s a general guide on how to reset Arlo cameras:Arlo camera reset

  • Locate the Reset Button: Look for the Arlo camera reset or base station. The button is usually small and recessed to prevent accidental presses.
  • Press & Hold the Reset Button: You can use a paperclip or a related tool to press and hold the Arlo camera reset button for about 10-15 seconds.
  • Observe the LED Indicators: While holding the Arlo camera reset button, observe the LED indicators on the camera or base station. They may flash or change color during the reset process.
  • Release the Reset Button: After holding reset button for the required time, release it. The camera or base station will now start the reset process.
  • Wait for the Reset to Complete: Allow a few minutes for the camera or base station to complete the reset process. The LED indicators may change or stabilize during this time.
  • Reconfigure the Camera (if needed): After the reset, the Arlo camera will revert to its default settings. If you want to use it again, you’ll need to set it up as you did when you first got it. Follow the basic setup instructions, adding it to your Arlo account and connecting it to your Wi-Fi network.

It’s essential to remember that resetting your Arlo camera will erase any customized settings, recorded footage, or access to cloud storage associated with the camera. Only perform a reset if you are sure it’s necessary or if you are setting up the camera for the first time.

If you encounter any difficulties during Arlo camera reset process, refer to the official Arlo support documentation or contact their customer support for immediate assistance tailored to your specific camera model.


You’ve embarked on a journey to demystify the puzzle of an offline Arlo camera, equipping yourself with valuable insights to safeguard your home security. From connectivity checks to firmware updates and power source evaluations, you’ve explored the intricacies behind the camera’s online status and learned how to bring it back to vigilance.

By unraveling the enigma of an offline Arlo camera, you’ve taken a proactive step towards maintaining a robust and reliable surveillance system. Your commitment to securing your loved ones and protecting your property shines through in your dedication to resolving this challenge.

As you continue to embrace the smart world of home security, remember that technology can be both empowering and unpredictable. Regular maintenance, firmware updates, and an eye on potential interference can play crucial roles in sustaining the watchful eye of your Arlo camera.

Should any future hiccups arise, let the troubleshooting lessons learned here be your guiding light. Always refer back to official support resources and consult Arlo’s knowledgeable customer support team for additional assistance.

Armed with newfound knowledge and confidence, you can now embrace the assurance that your vigilant Arlo camera stands ready to safeguard what matters most – your home, your loved ones, and your peace of mind. Explore the Problems of the Arlo doorbell, access troubleshooting tips, and expert advice on our exclusive Arlo Support Page.

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